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Those who reorganize faster and collaborate better, overcome best adversity. 

 The EURO-ACE region presents a unique opportunity for business growth as it enjoys a manoeuvrable domestic market that is appropriately developed and attractive for use as a testing ground for new services and technology.

An agile work structure that is fully open to both public and private entities and organisations

The EURO-ACE region is the group including the regions of Alentejo and Centro (Portugal) and the autonomous region of Extremadura (Spain). It was created the 21st September of 2009 in Vila Velha de Ródão, Portugal upon the signature of the EURO-ACE work group articles of agreement, wherein the desire of the three regions to strengthen and give impetus to their cooperative relationships was manifested.

This new agreement is the legal basis for the creation of a comprehensive Euro-region encompassing these three regions. A new stage of collaboration is thus begun in which increasingly useful and local projects for the community, companies and society, in general, can be carried out conjointly.

EURO-ACE is the first tri-partite Euro-region on the Spanish-Portuguese border. This unincorporated organisation is bolstered by an agile work structure that is fully open to both public and private entities and organisations from the three regions who are interested in participating.

EUROACE ATTRACTION is part of the INTERREG VA Spain-Portugal cooperation programme (POCTEP) 2014-2020 for the Centro-Extremadura-Alentejo Transnational Cooperation Area.

Investment Opportunities

More than 100 companies are registered throughout the three regions with a significant local impact on employment and value generation.

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Attracting investment for added-value agricultural activities

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Presence of an innovative cluster in EURO-ACE

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Green Energy

Attractive area for investments in generation of green energy

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Bio-based industry

Attractive area for leveraging biotechnology investments

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Mining / Decorative stone

A true industrial powerhouse in the decorative stone sector

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Tourism, health and well-being

Compatibility among all three regions in this regard

Success Cases

Numerous multi-national companies and national leaders in industries such as automation, aerospace, components software and food attest to Euroace.


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