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The presence of an innovative cluster in EURO-ACE (Alentejo) that focuses on aerospace industry development is an important attractive point in and of itself, especially considering the region’s demonstrated ability to work together with other European regions, for example, the aeronautics cluster in Andalusia, and therefore become an integral part of other value chains on the continent. In this regard, this Euro-region’s value proposition should focus on the following aspects:

Efficient management and high levels of cooperation across networks

Efficient management and high levels of cooperation across networks.

Strengthening its supply chain

Strengthening its supply chain.

Development of new technologies.

The development and implementation of new technologies.

Cyber-attack protection systems.

Cyber-attack protection systems.

Other important factors

  • A clear commitment to high-quality products and investments in R&D+i.
  • Capacity to respond to new competitors in this industry’s emerging markets.
  • R&D institutions and qualified professionals.
  • Aerospace cluster based in Alentejo.
  • A dedicated aerospace department at the University of Évora (research, materials development and innovative systems, certification, systems integration).
  • Incorporation in global value chains. High capacity for exportation (87% of local production).
    18,500 job positions and home base for more than 70 companies along with around 20 university institutions and research centres connected with the sector.
  • Collaboration with other clusters in other regions (AERIS).

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