Investment Opportunities

Bio-based industry

EURO-ACE’s very own features make this Euro-region an attractive area for leveraging biotechnology investments in regional sectors that are already well-established entrepreneurially and economically, such as agricultural and livestock production. Some of the most important factors that make EURO-ACE an ideal region for accommodating this kind of business activity.

Regional clusters

Regional clusters exist in a wide range of sectors.

Increased competitiveness

Plentiful labour resources with salary costs below the European average

Multi-national companies

Multi-national companies are present and active in the region.

European Cohesion funds

Exclusive access to European Cohesion funds (2014-2020).

Other important factors

  • Access to domestic and other European markets because EURO-ACE belongs to the single market.
  • High-quality agricultural and livestock production for use as base material in the bio-based industry.
  • Important technological research and development network (44) in the three regions, which, altogether, constitute a very important asset for advances in research and innovation: Biotechnology Innovation Centre; Centre for Neuroscience and Cell Biology; Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health; Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences; Fundesalud; Biotechnology Innovation Centre(BIOCANT) in Cantanhede; the Technological Center for Mouldmaking, Special Tooling and Plastic Industries (CENTIMFE) in Marinha Grande
  • A highly-qualified workforce is available from among residents with high levels of education, especially those connected with technical fields (engineering, vocational training, medicine, etc.), plus a significant concentration of professionals with scientific-technical training due to the existence of research centres.
  • Available land for industrial and service industry activity, including areas with industrial density including companies that are well-positioned in global value chains. Moreover, low commercial property and office space costs compared to competitor regions.
  • Very favourable living conditions: high-quality public health system, cultural and sport facilities, public safety, cultural activities, and more, incentivising the attraction of international talent.

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