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Green energy

EURO-ACE’s very own features make this Euro-region an attractive area for procuring investments associated with the generation of clean and alternative energy. Some of the most important factors that make EURO-ACE an ideal region for accommodating these business activities.

Meteorological conditions

More than 3,000 hours of sun per year, making these regions some of Europe’s sunniest areas.

Very favourable climate

Very favourable climate and water supply for sector development.

Land available for energy production

Land available for the installation of energy production infrastructure.

Deregulated market

The deregulated market has behaved and functioned well under the regulations in effect as of 2018.

Other important factors

  • Immense local potential: the right natural resources are highly available, endowing the region with great potential for the development of test benches and showcasing.
  • Potential growth in demand. Additional advantages beyond those associated with this alternative energy.
  • Firm commitment to clean energy. Ranked as one of the most important electrical energy-producing regions on the Iberian Peninsula, offering solar and biomass energy as well as hydraulic technology.
  • New directives on renewables facilitate and promote self-subsistence and the generation, storage and sale of electrical energy surplus; the installation and operation of storage systems; as well as remunerating the release of overage into the grid.
  • Sector compatibility with tourism and agricultural (electrification) development.
  • Proven experience in the sector: more than 600 companies operate here.
  • Significant wind, water, biomass, solar photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal energy (STE).
  • More than 46,000 GWh of electrical energy generated (14% of the total for Spain and Portugal). More than a third come from renewable resources.
    Significant efforts are being made in both countries in order to increase transparency in this sector with the clear aim of diversifying production and increasing the percentage of renewables in the energy mix.
  • It is estimated that solar PV installations in Portugal exceed a production of 1,000 MW with an analogous quantity in the process of obtaining licences. Portugal hopes to multiply its 2012 solar PV energy capacity six-fold before 2025.
  • Specialised research centres: Centre for Bioenergy and Sustainable Materials (BENS–IP Portalegre) in Portalegre; Biomass Centre for Energy (CBE) in Miranda do Corvo.

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