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Mining / Decorative stone

The EURO-ACE value proposition: The EURO-ACE region is currently a true industrial powerhouse in the decorative stone sector, not only because of the large number of varieties mined and the significant volume of mining production, but also due to a strong increase in its transformation capacity.

This increase in added value in the industrial sector is an obvious advantage that makes EURO-ACE an attractive region for procuring investments as inputs for other economic sectors (ceramics) and for the development of other industries that are native to the region with a foundation in the transformation and commercialisation of new materials for sectors that already enjoy significant entrepreneurial and economic foundations, such as construction. Some of the most important factors that make EURO-ACE an ideal region for accommodating these kinds of business activities.

Geological terrain is rich in these kinds of materials

The geological terrain is rich in these kinds of materials.

Appropriate and agile mining rights management

Appropriate and agile mining rights management.

Actively fostered sector

And an updated catalogue of the distinct varieties of natural stone mined and marketed.

Local Tradition

These minerals are sold and exported to diverse markets as part of a pre-existing and well-established business structure.

Other important factors

  • Government support for this sector includes technical support through research in geology and mining, both focusing on infrastructure as a means by which to carry out targeted research projects with specific aims, as well as disseminating all of this information to the diverse sectors that work with stone. Research also aims to generate information though geological-mining data systems.
  • Existing incentives to invest include support for the creation of employment, mining safety, the promotion of health and safety in the workplace; the development of industrial property for the establishment of new business projects; support for innovation, commercialisation, and advisement regarding exporting at national and international sector-specific fairs.
  • Research and technology centres in the region are associated with consulting and knowledge transfer: Technological Institute for Decorative Stone and Building Materials (INTROMAC) in Cáceres; Aveiro Institute of Materials, formerly CICECO-Centre for Research in Ceramics and Composite Materials] (CICECO) in Aveiro; Technological Centre of Ceramics and Glass (CTCV) in Eiras (Coimbra); Technological Centre of the Portuguese Natural Stone (CEVALOR) in Borba; Geological and Miners Studies Center of Beja (INETI) in Beja; Technological Development and Research Institute for the Building Sciences (ITeCons) in Coimbra.

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