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Tourism, health and well-being

A healthcare system ranked amongst the world’s most efficient in terms of its benefit-cost ratio is available and, therefore, also health professionals, as well as significant research capacity in the field.

EURO-ACE has a rich environment and heritage and its exceptional natural landscape provides an extremely wide and varied offer in connection with healthcare and tourism. Compatibility among all three regions in this regard is a special highlight of this Euro-region.

Differentiated tourism

The three regions are able to develop a differentiated tourism offer that is able to benefit from the established brand images provided by each country.

Capacity for exportation

Significantly-sized, mature local market with capacity for exportation.

Specific incentives

Specific incentives and lines of support enhance the value of interior tourism.

Exceptional quality of life and cost of living

Exceptional quality of life and cost of living; high levels of safety, comfort and healthcare services.

Other important factors

  • A diverse selection of tourism resources goes hand in hand with the availability of assorted ancillary products for varied target audiences: nature-based tourism, tourism focusing on the arts and culture, hunting, agriculture, and other types of tourism.
  • Moreover, nine areas have been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites and the region’s appealing culinary selection is supported by high-quality local products.
  • Spain in one of the world’s main tourist destinations, both in terms of number of visitors and in tourist spending, with an interest in diversifying its offer and increasing its value proposition. While not a mass tourism destination, Portugal has explored numerous tourism propositions that have garnered recognition in specific source markets.
  • A growing number of annual tourist visits undergoing geographical diversification.
  • Wide and diverse offer of tourism product types (cultural, artistic, historical, nature, sun and beach, snow). Artistic and historical heritage.
  • Active impulse in specific transnational tourism projects.
  • Local tourism infrastructure development and local critical mass: tourism establishments, accommodation, companies providing services for tourists.
  • Highly competent, qualified and accredited health services.
  • The latest medical and healthcare technology is available, in addition to technology applied to mental and physical well-being: cosmetics, physical therapy, alternative therapies, health foods, spa treatments, psychological and spiritual support.
  • Research centres specialising in medicine and health (Jesus Usón Minimally Invasive Surgery Centre (JUMISC)) in Cáceres; The Foundation for Research and Training of Health Professionals of Extremadura (FUNDESALUD) in Mérida; The Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology (CNC) in Coimbra; Institute of Nuclear Sciences Applied to Health (ICNAS) in Coimbra; Institute for Biomedical Imaging and Life Sciences (IBILI) in Coimbra)

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